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2 Signs You Need Dock Repair Now

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If your dock is old but still usable, you might not repair it right away to save money. But even if your dock looks fine, it may actually be unsafe to use. Docks can deteriorate, rot, or become unsound over time. If you step on a rotting piece of wood, you could suffer bodily injuries. Your boat can also become damaged from a bad dock. Here are two signs you need to repair your old dock now. Read More»

3 Steps To Take Before Using Your Wood-Burning Fireplace This Winter

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If you are like many people, you might be looking forward to using your fireplace this winter. After all, your fireplace can help you warm your home and save money on heating bills. Plus, few things can be more cozy than using a fireplace. However, before you load it up with wood this winter, there are a few steps that you’ll want to take. These are a few things that you should do before winter begins so that you’ll be ready to use your fireplace this year. Read More»

4 Tips For Keeping Your Air Conditioner In Good Shape During Summer

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The best way to stay good when the weather is hot will involve having air conditioning in your home. You will want to be sure it’s working as well as possible to keep your home comfortable. This means you will need to take the effort to make this happen. Being aware of things you can do that will assist in keeping your air conditioner in good shape is ideal for you. Read More»

Taking Care Of Your Emergency Preparations? How To Care For Your Metal Supply Sheds

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If you’re actively involved in doomsday preparations, you need at least one metal shed on your property. Metal buildings can provide you the space you need for your survival gear, but they can also provide emergency shelter should the need arise. Once you have your metal sheds installed, you’ll need to provide them with the care they’ll need to stand up to whatever disasters may come your way. Here are some dos and don’t’s you should follow for your sheds: Read More»

Answers To Your Storm Window Questions

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Are considering adding storm doors or windows to your home? If so, you likely have some questions. The following guide can provide you with some of the answers you are looking for. Do you have to remove storm windows every spring? In the old days storm windows were removed and stored every spring, only to be put back on in the fall. Fortunately, there are a lot of options available now where this isn’t required. Read More»

Two Easy Ways To Deal With Rotted Wood Siding

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A home with an old wooden exterior can be as frustrating as it is charming, if for no other reason than that homeowners are often forced to deal with the effects of the elements on old wood. Dry rot usually isn’t the most serious problem facing a home, but left untreated it can become a headache – and an expensive one at that. So if you’ve noticed that your home’s siding is afflicted with dry rot, keep the following couple of tips in mind in order to deal with it effectively. Read More»