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Two Pieces of Equipment That Will Streamline Material Handling Efforts

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Using hand carts to bring items to the proper departments within your facility could be taking several hours to complete each day. On days when the receiving department is overwhelmed with boxed inventory that has arrived via a freight company, you may be searching for a way to streamline material handling efforts. A conveyor system and platform trucks are two items that will aid your material handlers in performing their jobs more efficiently.

Less Damage and Proper Routing

If your warehouse is large and many shelving units are located along the interior wall of the facility, having a dock that is located on the other side of the building will require your employees to do a lot of walking back and forth. Unless you own several forklifts and palletize all of the materials that are being moved, your employees may be relying upon hand carts to transport materials to their destinations.

A conveyor system that is electrically-operated will minimize the amount of handling that needs to be performed and items will safely be routed to the end location, without the threat of dropping an item and potentially damaging it. If you choose to have a conveyor system installed, choose the location where it would be most beneficial and assign some of your employees to be on the retrieving end of the system, to collect products and place them on the shelving units that are located nearby it.

An Easier Way to Haul Large Loads 

A platform truck is a material handling accessory that contains an extended storage section, which will allow someone to transport a group of oversized materials or cartons. With a traditional hand cart, which features two wheels, everything that is being transported should be the same size. This will minimize tip-overs and will make it easier for an operator to move a cart with precision. When large loads need to be transported, you may rely on electrical machinery to get the job done.

If all of the forklifts that you own are being used for other applications, raw materials may wind up sitting on the floor for a long duration. Invest in a couple of platform trucks, which are manually-operated. This type of equipment can be utilized by anyone who works in the receiving department and there will be no training needed to use one safely. As long as materials are stacked on top of the loading plate and pushed back against the side brace, they will remain stable while a platform truck is being used.

For more information, contact companies that offer material handling equipment.