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Chimney Repairs In Cold Weather: Common Customer Faqs

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Up on the rooftop, your chimney serves the important role of funneling smoke and exhaust fumes out of your home. Whether you use your chimney along with a fireplace or a woodstove, keeping the unit free-flowing and properly functioning is vital. You may come across a problem with your chimney after the weather has turned cold. Here are a few questions prospective customers tend to have about chimney repairs in cold weather. 

Is it possible to have your chimney repaired in the winter?

It is actually not uncommon to find out that there are problems with a chimney after winter or the heating season has already settled in. When you go to use your chimney again after it has sat idle for the warm weather, you may notice that there are some issues that need attention. Therefore, it is possible and common to perform chimney repairs in the winter. However, keep in mind that the volume of calls coming in can increase for most chimney cleaning and repair professionals. Therefore, you may have to wait a bit longer for the professional to get to your chimney. 

Can all types of chimney repairs be done in the cold?

There are actually exceptions to the types of chimney repair work that can be done when the temperatures are really cold. For example, if your chimney needs tuckpointing or some kind of mortar work, it can be best if it is warmer outside; the material will not cure as fast as it does in warm weather. If you call for repair work that involves any kind of stone restoration, your chosen professional may let you know that the work cannot be completed until spring. However, something like mending a chimney cap, repairing a chimney crack, or cleaning the chimney can be done in the cold weather. 

Is it safe for the workers to be on the roof when it has snowed?

If your area has gathered a lot of snowfall, you likely have a snow-covered roof, which can indeed make chimney repairs a little more challenging to do for professionals. However, professionals who work in this field take every precaution to stay safe while they do work. They will be outfitted in safety harnesses that latch onto something on the roof or may use a bucket truck to actually reach the chimney so they don't have to climb on the roof at all.

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