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Outside Space Improvement Tips For Your Home's Exterior Areas

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When the weather outside is pleasant there are many outdoor projects you can complete to take advantage of the fresh air and pleasant temperature while you get things finished. However when you work outside, the bugs, sun, and wind can be a disturbance to your being able to use the space. Here are some ways you can improve the areas outside of your home to help you use their spaces more effectively and comfortably.

Install Retractable Screens

One of the most common types of annoyance in an outdoor space is insects. When you are enjoying your porch, garage, or other covered area outside, flies, mosquitoes, and other insects will fly into the area and can annoy you enough that you will leave the space and go back indoors. 

You can install a screen within the frame of your garage door opening, porch opening, or covered patio. A retractable screen gives you the ability to close the screen to keep out bugs and wind, then roll the screen up and out of the way. This is essential, especially if you have the screen set into your garage door opening and need to close the garage door.

A retractable screen on your screened-in porch will help keep out bugs but also wind and rain during bad weather. It helps you more fully enjoy your outdoor space without losing the fresh air, nice temperature, and beautiful views of the outdoors.

Add Elements For Air Comfort

Whether your outdoor space is in your garage, under a porch awning, or on your backyard lawn, you will want the area to be physically comfortable without extreme temperatures. In the summer you deal with the sun's radiation, which can reflect on the pavement, the exterior of your home, or other solid, non-organic surfaces nearby. So to combat the sun in your backyard, you can add an awning if you already do not have one, or you can plant some vegetation to shade the sun radiation-absorbing surfaces.

In your covered and screened-in porch or garage, add in a ceiling fan to help control the temperature and climate. On the hottest days, with the shade of the space along with a fan-produced breeze, the temperature will be more pleasant. Then, for when the leaves begin to change color and the temperature cools, you can add in a heat source, such as an electric fireplace space heater. This not only provides heat but brings an attractive ambiance to the space.