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Moving And Building A Home And Area Common For Hurricanes? Tips To Keep Your Home Safe

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If you are moving and planning to build your own home, there are many things to consider. This is especially true if you are moving to an area that is common for hurricanes. To help you get started, below are three things you can do to your new home to help you and your family stay protected.

Protect Windows

Because a hurricane has strong, forceful winds, this will break traditional windows easily. To help with this, you need to install hurricane-proof windows. First, make sure the windows have impact-resistant glass. This type of glass has two window panes with a durable material sandwiched between them. If this type of glass breaks, it will break into tiny pieces instead of large pieces of glass. This is beneficial as tiny pieces of glass flying through the air can cause small cuts but not near as much injury when compared to large pieces of glass.

For added protection, install hurricane shutters on the windows. These shutters may be made of steel or aluminum. They can come in sheets or can be rolled up and down.

Hurricane sheets are also known as storm panels are work well, but choose this only if you will remember to install them before a hurricane comes. This is because they are not permanent. Instead, bolts are installed on the exterior window that you attach the panel to when it is time. These bolts hold it in place so you don't have to worry about it coming off.

The roll up hurricane windows are permanently attached to the exterior window. They can be rolled up when not in use and are completely hidden. You can either roll them up and down manually or choose them to have an electronic remote. This is beneficial as you don't have to worry about going outside.

Hurricane-Proof Roof

The roof can easily be blown off a home when there is high winds. To help with this, you can install a roof that is more hurricane-resistant to high winds. First, you need to hire a professional to install the roof for you to ensure it is installed properly.

Slay, concrete, or slate roofing tiles are the strongest materials. These have more of a chance of staying intact during high winds. Because you live in a hurricane-prone area, your area may also get a lot of rain. If so, these tiles will not deteriorate if they get wet more than normal. This way, you will not have to replace the roof as often, which can save you money.

The roofing contractor will also install tie downs to keep the roof on your home. These are installed on the perimeter of the roof. The roofing contractor will choose how many tie downs to install. The roofing contractor will also likely add lateral beams to make the roof stronger. These beams are installed under the surface and several of them are used. They are made of steel, in most cases.

Talk with the builder as they likely understand how to build a home to make it hurricane-proof. For more information, visit websites like http://www.allphasebuildingconcepts.com.