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Three Things You Should Know Before Your Septic Tank Is Pumped For The First Time

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If you have moved into a house that has a septic tank system and this is the first experience you have had with a septic tank, then you need to understand that periodically it will need to be pumped. You should inquire from the previous owner when the last time this was done and how often this particular tank will need to be pumped. When the time comes to have the cesspool tank pumped, there are a few things you should know.

Mention any problems to the technician in advance

If you are having any problems with your septic system besides the need to have it pumped, you need to mention this when you call, and again when the technician arrives. It is possible that the technician will want to address this issue before he pumps the tank and performs other routine maintenance.

The access lid must be located

Sometimes the time between services can be long enough that the access lid has been covered up. It may be covered by dirt or grass. In either case, the technician will need to locate the access lid first. This can take some time, and you will be charged for it. If you can remove the dirt or grass over the lid yourself, you can often save a few dollars. However, if you don't know where the access lid is located, you will need a special tool for probing the soil. They are long, steel shafts with a handle on one end and a sharp tip on the other. If you don't have one of these, it is likely cost effective to simply have the technician locate the access lid.

A maintenance schedule can be formulated

After the work is complete, the technician can help create a regular maintenance schedule for your septic tank. The amount of time between each pumping will have to do with the size of your tank, but it also has to do with how much it is used. This latter factor is related to how many people live in your household. Getting this information from a septic maintenance technician is important because you don't want to rely too much on the previous owner's experience. Of course, you may not be able to get this information anyway. Often it is a good idea to call for a service appointment right after you move in.

Septic tanks, like so many other aspects of home ownership, need to be maintained. Once you have done this the first time, you will then be able to have the work done on a regular basis. This will help prevent the need for expensive repairs to your septic system.