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3 Ways To Add Warmth And Character To Your New Minimalist Style Kitchen

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For several years now, the biggest trend in kitchen design has been the sleek, neutral minimalist style. Its popularity has endured because it's such a modern, clean, and bright look that has a broad appeal to many people. However, if you find the minimalist look a little too stark and austere for your tastes, you may want to add some warmth, color, and texture to your new kitchen.

Fortunately, it's not difficult to do this without straying too far from the fundamental principles of minimalism. You can add features that add beautiful, subtle highlights that still maintain the overall neutral aesthetic of minimalism that is so coveted by many people. Here are three excellent ways to introduce warmth, color, and texture into your new minimalist kitchen design.

1. A Wood Countertop

The countertop forms one of the largest surface areas in a kitchen and can make a big impact on the finished project. By opting for a wood countertop instead of a stone or vinyl version, you're instantly adding natural warmth, a rich color, and eye-catching texture to the room.

Wood is fantastic because it works well within a minimalist design but also works well with virtually any other design style. If you or a future buyer wish to change up the color palette or materials at a future time, the wood countertop will blend in beautifully with the new look.

2. Brushed Metal Fixtures

Another way to personalize and add character to a neutral kitchen is to use brushed metal fixtures. Brushed metal is a big trend in interior design right now and adds a modern yet timeless feel to the room. Brass, copper, and rose gold are all popular and stunning options to choose from.

You can use brushed metal in several different ways. It looks great for tapware, door handles, and light shades. If you'd like to include it on a slightly larger scale, brushed metal sheets also look beautiful when used as splashback material.

3. Soft colors as neutrals

When you think of minimalist design, you most likely assume that white, cream, and beige are the colors to choose from for your main kitchen features. However, you can maintain the simple, clean look of minimalist design yet still embrace color by opting for very pale, soft colors as your neutrals.

Dusty pink, duck-egg blue, soft green, and pale gray are all colors that work incredibly well in this context. They will help to add some charm and visual interest to your new kitchen that isn't overwhelming and still adheres to the fundamental aesthetics of minimalism.

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