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Improve Your Home's Insulation For Improved Summer Comfort

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If your air conditioner runs constantly and your home still feels hot and stuffy, the insulation could be to blame. If your home is not insulated against the outside heat and humidity, your home is more difficult to keep cool. Here are some tips for improving your home's insulation.

Have An Energy Audit

An energy audit is an added expense, but it shows you where your home is lacking in insulation. You can even do basic tests yourself by renting a thermal camera. The camera shows areas of temperature difference around your home that indicates hot or cold air is leaking through. This shows you exactly where you need to focus your efforts when adding insulation.

Decide On Where You Want Insulation

You'll probably need to do some things yourself such as seal up gaps and windows, but you'll hire an insulation contractor for the big jobs. Insulation contractors can help you decide if you need attic insulation only or insulation in both the walls and attic. This decision might narrow down your options for new insulation. Blown in insulation is a good choice for walls and you may want it put in your attic too if you're having it placed in your walls.

Determine Your Budget

If you have a tight budget, you can still improve the insulation in your home. You may need to choose fiberglass batt insulation for the attic since it is one of the least expensive options. You can even install it yourself for further savings. However, if you want higher-quality insulation, then be prepared to spend more money.

Decide On The Type Of Insulation

You'll probably decide between blown in insulation and spray foam. Both can be applied in the attic and between walls without tearing out drywall. Spray foam expands when it is applied so it fills cracks and gaps. This makes it a little better at insulating and it also has a longer life. Blown insulation consists of small bits of cellulose or fiberglass that cover the attic floor so it is much better at conforming to unusual shapes and covering gaps than batt insulation. Blown insulation is less expensive but it doesn't last as long as spray foam.

Once your home has improved insulation, you may notice the change in how well your air conditioner works. With proper insulation, your air conditioner doesn't have to struggle as hard to keep your home cool and that could prolong its life and lower your power bill. Although adding insulation is an extra expense, it's worth it to have a more comfortable climate in your home and to save on energy costs all seasons of the year, especially during the hot and muggy summer months.