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Real Wooden Cabinet Refinishing

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One of the biggest advantages to investing in a real wood cabinet is the fact that you can change it quite easily. Ambitious homeowners can refinish the wood and breathe new life into their cabinet through an enjoyable DIY project. This article runs you through the best techniques for refinishing a wooden cabinet. It is meant to help you decide if it is a project you should take on yourself, or if you should hire a professional contractor.

Refinishing Wood

Cabinets are usually made out of hardwoods that are a lot easier to refinish compared to composite woods. The overall difficulty of the job is very dependent on exactly how you are going to refinish the wood. That is, are you going to apply a completely new color, or are you just going to reapply the same stain? If you are going to apply a different stain color, you will need to do more sanding. This means you want to sand off all of the stain's finish so you can expose the raw wood. This way you are starting from scratch, and basically working with the wood like it was brand new. This often requires patching holes and scratches in the wood before they can be sanded or stained.

If you aren't going to change the color, the cabinet can be lightly sanded, and you don't need to remove all of the old stain. Your only goal is just to smooth out the wood, so it is uniform. Uneven wood roughness will result in an uneven stain color and texture. The project is going to be much easier if you use power sanding devices. Vibrating and rotating disk sanders are lightweight yet powerful enough to remove the stain promptly. If your cabinet has edges, molding, and corners that you cannot reach with the power sanders, you will also need to use the sandpaper by hand.

Prepping and Staining

Sanding your cabinet is messy work, and you want to cover up to protect from the sawdust. For instance, putting painters plastic over the floors and nearby appliances could save them from the sawdust.

The actual staining is very straightforward and can be done with brushes or rags. Rubbing or painting the stain onto the wood is not particularly difficult. However, you do need to buff out the stain with steel wool between each coat, making the job more time-consuming. Check out a website like http://ambroserandahardwoods.com for more information and assistance.