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3 Custom Metal Fabrication Solutions For Commercial Buildings

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Commercial buildings are often plain and industrial looking, but there are things like custom metal fabrication that can change that. The implementation of ornamental steel fabrication can start with the construction process, and continue with finish work like railings. Here are some of the different custom metal fabrication features that will give commercial buildings a modern look:

1. Exposed Structural Elements for Modern Design

The structural elements in buildings are often hidden out of view, but commercial buildings give you a unique opportunity to leave them exposed. The structural elements can be custom designed to have more of an artistic look than plain metal elements. If you are using custom-built structural steel elements, their use is going to have to be permitted and approved before you can do these types of improvements to commercial buildings. Any type of structural changes you make to your building will have to be drawn and approved by a structural engineer before you can implement them in your project.

2.  Railings and Stair Steel Work

Railings and stairs are another area that you may want to consider when adding details to your commercial building project. Rather than using conventional metal staircase installations, you can use a combination of custom materials, such as glass and custom ironwork. If you have a limited amount of space to deal with, using custom staircases will give you options, such as curved and spiral designs that occupy less of your valuable floor spaces. When doing renovations, these types of changes will have to be approved and permitted. You will need to have the custom stairs designed and submit the drawing to get the building permits when making these types of changes to a building.

3. Using Steelwork as Ornamental Details and Artistic Sculptures

There are also many options that you may want to consider for ornamental steelwork, which can include things like brackets and hardware on windows and doors. Some of the ornamental metalwork can be functional materials, but there are also false features that can be done with custom metalwork. You may want to consider exposed metal beams and trusses that are actually false brackets that are mounted to the finished areas of the structure.

These are some of the different metal fabrication features that will give commercial buildings a modern look. If you are building or renovating a commercial project, contact a commercial construction permitting service to get the permits you need for metal construction and some of these features.