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2 Signs You Need Dock Repair Now

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If your dock is old but still usable, you might not repair it right away to save money. But even if your dock looks fine, it may actually be unsafe to use. Docks can deteriorate, rot, or become unsound over time. If you step on a rotting piece of wood, you could suffer bodily injuries. Your boat can also become damaged from a bad dock. Here are two signs you need to repair your old dock now.

The Dock Has Rotting Wood

Water can rot wood over time. Not only is rotting wood a paradise for insects, it can also be unsafe for you. The wood may be too weak to support your weight or the weight of your boat. You may accidentally step on a bad plank and slip into the water. Depending on where you live, there could be sharp rocks beneath the water. You may cut or injure your skin from the fall, or you may strike your head against the rocks.

If you accidentally navigate your boat into the dock, it may also collapse or float away from the stress, especially if your dock already experienced a flood or another problem that compromised its safety. Your boat may actually become damaged by the impact. The damages to your boat may cost more than you expect to pay.

There's one more reason to fix your ailing dock. It may be covered or compromised with barnacles.

The Dock Is Infested With Ship Worms

Shipworms and other sea pests can be destructive creatures, especially if they cover or infect the pilings of your dock. The pests can burrow through the untreated wood of docks and boats. Once shipworms infest your dock, it may be difficult to get rid of them. In many cases, shipworms can multiply and take over your dock.

A boat dock repair technician can either treat your pilings, or they can replace them. If you choose to treat your dock, it may take some time to eliminate the pests. However, you may see faster and safer results if you simply replace the pilings and any other wood infested with shipworms.

After the repairs or replacements, a contractor can cover your pilings with rust-resistant metal. The metal can help ward off future infestations of shipworms.

If you need additional information about repairing your dock or getting rid of shipworms, don't hesitate to contact a dock repair contractor today.