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Answers To Your Storm Window Questions

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Are considering adding storm doors or windows to your home? If so, you likely have some questions. The following guide can provide you with some of the answers you are looking for.

Do you have to remove storm windows every spring?

In the old days storm windows were removed and stored every spring, only to be put back on in the fall. Fortunately, there are a lot of options available now where this isn't required. Sliding storm windows, for example, fit over your existing windows. Come spring, you simply slide them open so you can enjoy the breeze.

Why choose storm windows over new insulated replacement windows?

If you are replacing your entire window, then insulated windows can be a better option over storm windows. Storm windows are a good option if you have single-pane or poorly insulated windows and you don't want to replace them entirely. You can save time and money by having storm windows fitted over the existing windows instead.

Will storm windows save energy?

Storm windows help keep cold drafts and moisture out of your home in the winter, which means less heat usage and loss. How much energy they can save varies depending on your local heating costs as well as the other energy efficient factors in your home. For those that leave storm windows up year around, you can purchase low-E windows, which help reflect sunlight so that the windows don't let too much heat into the home during the summer. In this manner, storm windows can provide year-round savings.

Do you have to install storm windows on the entire home?

No. In some cases you may only want the storm windows on the side of the house that is most often exposed to cold blowing winds and snow. Or, you may have insulated windows in some areas and single-panes in others, so you may only need storm windows on the single-panes.

What if a window is a non-standard size?

Storm windows can be made to fit any size or style of frame. In fact, odd-sized windows are more likely to contain non-insulated glass, so they may benefit most from a storm window. A contractor can take measurements and then build or order a window to fit, thus ensuring there are no gaps that will allow in drafts.

For more help or to begin the process of installing the window, contact a storm window contractor in your area, such as Southern Glass & Mirror.