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Two Easy Ways To Deal With Rotted Wood Siding

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A home with an old wooden exterior can be as frustrating as it is charming, if for no other reason than that homeowners are often forced to deal with the effects of the elements on old wood. Dry rot usually isn't the most serious problem facing a home, but left untreated it can become a headache -- and an expensive one at that. So if you've noticed that your home's siding is afflicted with dry rot, keep the following couple of tips in mind in order to deal with it effectively. 

Matching Replacement 

If you need to fix a piece of siding affected by dry rot, then one option available to you is replacing the piece in question outright. To do this, you will first need a small saw to cut into the wood on either side of the area where the rot has occurred. Then use whatever tool at hand is most convenient (something like a flat pry bar will probably work best) to remove the damaged portion of siding from your home.

While you are free to make a guess as to what wood will best fit the profile of your existing siding, it's a good idea to take the piece you've removed to a local hardware store and ask them for a piece of siding that's as close a match as possible.

Small Patches

If you are a careful homeowner who tries to take preventative measures, then it may not be the case that you need to replace an entire piece of siding. Sometimes there is a just a small chunk of wood that has rotted away, and which does not require much more than epoxy wood filler to replace it.

That said, many people do not prep their wood siding properly before repair, and the epoxy wood filler does little to help because of this. To avoid doing the same repair twice, you will want to grind the affected piece of siding down to the point where it reaches solid, healthy wood -- epoxy filler will not stick to rotted wood. You will also want to ensure that the wood is dry before you start.

After you've patched the siding to your satisfaction, cover it with a primer and a couple of coats of paint, and you will be hard pressed to tell the difference between the original siding and the wood that's been filled with epoxy. Click here for more information on the topic.