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Those Pavers Won't Choose Themselves: What to Consider When Deciding on a Paver Pattern

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Brick pavers are an economical and stylish option for your home's patio, but they look deceptively easy to design. Because the pavers are available in so many different styles and sizes, you have to put a lot of thought into choosing them. Take a look at the following considerations to help you decide on pavers.

Utilitarian vs. Decorative

Sometimes you want pavers just so you can pave a surface, but other times you want to actually decorate the surface and have it be noticeable. If all you want is a utilitarian surface, you could get plain pavers that are all the same color and get a basic herringbone pattern, for example. But, if you want a decorative aspect, then you need to plan out the design first. If you buy the pavers before determining a pattern and the exact measurements, you will end up with incorrect sizes, shapes, and colors.


If you want to keep costs down, then plain, monochrome pavers in a basic, repeating pattern will work. You may be able to get discounts on the material by buying in bulk (or by having the paver company buy in bulk), and there won't be special charges for dreaming up unique patterns. Keep in mind that a basic pattern can still look perfectly lovely. If you want a more decorative pattern, you'll pay more for the extra time it takes to schedule a consultation, design a pattern, and lay the brick pavers properly.

Optical Illusions

The pavers you use and the pattern you put them in can affect what the patio looks like beyond general cosmetics. When looking at a narrow section of your patio, for example, pavers laid in a vertical pattern will make the section appear even more narrow. Tilting the direction of the pavers so that they are on a diagonal, like in a herringbone pattern, can visually widen the section. So, if you want to create an illusion that an area is wider, narrower, more contained, more open, and so on, the paver shape and pattern can do that.

Paver and patio companies like American Pressure Cleaning & Sealing can help you sort through patterns or even design one that no one has used before. The companies can also do the layout and installation, saving you time. These pavers are going to make up your patio for years, so put careful thought into their design.