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Temporarily Fix A Crack In A Water Supply Line That Is Attached To A Toilet

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If the water supply line that is attached to the toilet in your home's bathroom has a small crack in it and water drips onto the floor each time that you flush the toilet, temporarily fix it with the following steps. The repair will make it possible for you to flush the toilet in a normal manner until you are able to have the line replaced by a licensed plumber. 


  • lint-free cleaning cloth
  • towel
  • container of waterproof epoxy
  • surgical gloves
  • water
  • roll of waterproof plumber's tape
  • scissors
  • portable heater

Dry The Water Supply Line And Cover The Crack With Epoxy

Turn off the water supply. Use a lint-free cleaning cloth to dry the water supply line's surface. Sop up any water from the bathroom floor with a towel. Put on a pair of surgical gloves and press a small amount of waterproof epoxy between your fingertips until it has softened and is easy to mold. Flatten the epoxy until it is a thin, even layer and cover the crack in the supply line with it. Use firm pressure as you press the edges of the putty against the waterline. The waterproof epoxy will require several hours to harden.

Cover The Epoxy-Covered Section With Plumber's Tape

Saturate a roll of plumber's tape for several seconds inside of a basin that is filled with water. Remove the roll of tape and squeeze it gently with your hands to remove excess water. The water that the roll was placed in will activate the adhesive side of the tape so that it sticks to the hardened epoxy. Wrap a layer of plumber's tape tightly around the epoxy-covered portion of the line.

Wait for the tape to air dry. Otherwise, set up a portable heater several feet away from the repaired section of the waterline and aim the heater so that warm air blows directly towards the wet tape. 

Inspect The Waterline

After the tape has dried, turn on the water valve that is connected to the water supply line and flush the toilet a couple times. Inspect the repaired section of the supply line to ensure that it is no longer leaking. Hire a plumber to install a new waterline in the near future. Until then, you can flush the toilet when needed and the products that were used to repair the cracked section will remain intact as long as they were installed properly.