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Cooling Tents On Your Construction Site: Why You Should Have One And How To Get It

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As a construction contractor, it is safe to say that the majority of your work occurs during late spring and summer hours. Some days it gets downright sweltering and uncomfortable, and you have work crews putting their full strength into their work and sweating the life out. At the same time, you would be losing money by not working, so the only viable solution is a cooling tent on your construction site. Here is an explanation about these structures, how to get one (or construct one) and why you need it.

What Is a Cooling Tent?

Generally, cooling tents are actually tents that shield people from the hot sun. Some have portable air conditioners inside, while others offer ice water and fans. However, a cooling tent can be any structure set aside where your crew can get out of the sun and humidity for a few minutes and cool down so they do not develop heat cramps or heat exhaustion. If you find that your crew visits you more often when you are in your business trailer onsite, it may be because of the air conditioning and not because they have any real concerns they want to address.

Why You Need a Cooling "Tent"

A cooling tent keeps your crews working, even on the hottest days of the year. It can act as an emergency shelter in the event that one of your crew needs to take shelter in a very cool place and avoid a ride to the hospital. It can also act as a place where your crew can take their meal breaks and cool off while they are on break, which will help them feel more refreshed and prepare for the next several hours' worth of work in the hot sun.

How to Get One (or Construct One)

Any good-sized shed or solid structure will do, especially if you want to hook up a portable air conditioner. (In the cooler months, this shed or structure can function as storage for your tools and smaller equipment.) To make it easier on yourself, you can construct a shed onto a flatbed truck, secure it there and then the cooling "tent" can be moved from one site to the next during peak construction season and moved offsite when the work is complete. The portable air conditioner may be installed in the back of this cooling structure, or if the structure has a window, you may be able to install a window air conditioner. Contact a business, such as Aggressive Mechanical Contractors, for more information.