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Is Stained Glass Practical For Your Home?

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You may associate stained glass windows with magnificent cathedrals or mansions of the rich and famous. In fact, stained glass windows can work in your somewhat modest home, serving as a focal point for your entire design scheme. Whether you choose one window or several, they can be a fantastic addition to your house.


You may think that splurging on a custom-made window for your bathroom seems wasteful, but having one in your master bath serves several important purposes. These windows let in light but also provide you with the privacy that you need. You can have one custom designed for you by a local artist or choose one from a stained glass factory. Your bathroom should be a sanctuary as well as the center of hygiene in the home. Stained glass above the tub creates a soothing, beautiful area for a relaxing soak and meditation session. 

Living Room

You can use stained glass in the doorway or as a main window. These windows are works of art by themselves, so if you are not a connoisseur of painting or sculpture, you can meet your room's artistic needs by investing in several stained glass windows in the living room or family room. Again, these windows provide light without exposing your private life to the neighborhood inhabitants. Experts point out that you will not need blinds or drapes on stained glass windows, which means your investment can save you money in the long run.  

Practical Considerations

When you commission a stained glass window, you need to keep several things in mind. First, you want the window to work with your decor and existing windows. If you are having all the windows installed during the same period, you can pick replacement windows that will work with your stained glass. You will need to adequately budget for your window. Prices vary widely, from hundreds to thousands of dollars. One artist estimates that his windows will cost between $80 - $500 per square foot. This rate would allow many people to have a few simple windows done for their home.

Stained glass is not necessarily out of your range. Adding one or two windows will make your home more distinctive and possibly add to your home's resale value. Best of all, you and your family will have the joy of these windows on a daily basis. They are practical art that will add joy to your life. For more information of window replacement and installation, contact companies like Mister Window Inc.