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3 Simple Ways To Save Money On Swimming Pool Maintenance This Summer

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Having a nice, cool swimming pool to dip into on a hot summer day is a real luxury. However, enjoying that luxury requires maintenance and money. If your swimming pool maintenance costs feel like they have gotten a little out of hand, use these three tips to save money on your pool maintenance costs this summer.

#1 Shock Your Pool On A Consistent Basis If you use your pool on a regular basis in the summertime, it is important that you shock your pool on a consistent basis. For example, if you shock your pool every week, you should maintain that schedule and not skip a week. If you fail to shock your pool on a consistent basis, you will end up putting more time and energy into cleaning your pool once it turns either cloudy or green due to your failure to shock it. When your pool turns cloudy or green, you have to run your filter consistently, twenty-four hours a day, to clear up your water instead of a couple hours a day when you maintain your pool. Additionally, you'll have to use more chemicals to get your pool back to the right balance. One of the keys to saving money on pool maintenance is to be consistent with shocking and taking care of your pool.

#2 Use A Robotic Pool Cleaner A robotic pool cleaner can save you money in a variety of different ways. To start with, a robotic pool cleaner filters the water as it works, which means you can turn off your pool's filter and pump while it is running. This will reduce the energy costs associated with using those devices. Second, a robotic pool cleaner can clean your pool faster and more effectively than you can. This saves you from having to spend time cleaning your pool yourself or paying someone else to do so. A robotic pool cleaner will clean the walls and stairs in your pool, as well as the water itself.

#3 Use Your Pool Pump At Night In order to keep your pool usable, you will need to use a pool pump. However, you don't need to have your pool pump running while you are in your pool for it to be effective. The best time to run your pool filter is at night, when the electric costs are lower. Many electric companies charge you based on when you use your electricity; daylight hours tend to be the peak hours for electric companies, where you shell out the most money for energy costs. You can save some money by running your pool filter outside of peak electrical hours.

The key to saving money on pool maintenance is to be consistent with keeping your pool clean and to use your pool pump and filter in the evening hours when electricity costs less. For more tips on maintenance for swimming pools, contact a local pool company.