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Advantages Of A Modular Home Vs. A Manufactured Home

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If you want to customize your own home but aren't interested in building a home from the ground up, a modular home can be an excellent compromise. Modular homes are often confused with manufactured homes, but despite some minor similarities, there are a few major differences. Modular homes are homes that have been built elsewhere and are assembled on site.

Modular Homes Are More Solidly Built

Modular homes are often built with quality in mind. These homes are specifically developed to be stronger than most houses, as they need the structural integrity to be moved from place to place without damage. Manufactured homes are often built with weaker but more affordable materials, so while they may be less expensive to build, they will also need to be repaired and replaced earlier.

Modular Homes Offer More Customization

A manufactured home will generally always be in one of two shapes: either a single-wide or a double-wide. Manufactured homes will always have similar, box-like structures. Comparatively, modular homes offer far more customization options because they aren't limited to these rectangular layouts. 

Modular Homes Have More Financing Options

Modular homes are considered to be just like building your own home in terms of financing. Thus, you can get financing to both purchase a lot of land and build your home. This is far different from manufactured housing, which can be a challenge to get a loan for. Manufactured housing often requires that you get loans separately for the land and the house, and the manufactured house usually won't be considered for a real estate loan.

Modular Homes Have Better Energy Efficiency

Manufactured homes often have issues with energy efficiency and high maintenance costs because they usually have problems with insulation. Modular homes are made to the same stringent standards as traditional real estate, and thus have better energy efficiency. Not only does this make the home more environmentally friendly, but it also means that the property will save the homeowner money over time. 

Modular homes may be more expensive than manufactured homes, but they're usually still less expensive than building a home from scratch. If you are interested in customizing your property easily, a modular home is one of the fastest and most affordable ways of doing so. Of course, if you're looking for the most affordable method of developing a home, a manufactured home may still be a solid option. A residential building contractor can help you decide on the best choice for you. 

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