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4 Tips For Preparing For The Arrival Of A Roofing Crew

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There's no doubt about it--having a new roof put on your house is an expensive endeavor. Yet there are still certain things you can do to help minimize the expense, especially where prep work is concerned. If you would like to learn more about keeping costs down by preparing ahead of time for the roofing crew (such as those from Slaughter Roofing Co), read on. This article will present four helpful tips.  

Remove obvious obstacles from your yard.

The principle behind most of these tips is to reduce the number of hours that the roofing crew spends performing tasks you could accomplish on your own. Thus, begin by de-cluttering your yard. Keep in mind that the roofers will not only need room to lean their ladders against the edge of the roof. They will also need clear paths across your yard, in order to carry supplies and equipment to and fro. Ensure they will be able to do so by removing such objects as garbage cans, bikes, potted plants, and other potential obstacles.   

Arrange for a rental dumpster.

The amount of waste generated by a re-roofing project is stunning. To contain it all, you're going to want to rent a dumpster for the roofing crew to throw old shingles, nails, and roofing paper into. Otherwise, all of that refuse will end up in your yard. And even if the roofing company agrees to gather it all up and put it in garbage bags, this will take considerably more time than simply throwing it right off of the roof into a dumpster.   

Mow your lawn.

Even with a dumpster strategically placed at the bottom of your roof, a certain amount of roofing detritus is bound to end up in your yard. If the grass is nice and short, roofing nails and other small bits of trash will be much easier for the crew to remove during their clean up phase. Long, shaggy grass, on the other hand, will make it more difficult for them to find all of those scattered nails, thus drastically increasing the amount of time they have to spend performing this otherwise routine task.

Trim any dangling tree branches.

If access to certain parts of your roof is blocked by long, dangling branches, it's going to be harder for the roofing crew to move around, meaning they won't be able to perform their job as efficiently. Worse still, considerable delays may ensue if the branches are too intrusive, and work has to be paused so that they can be removed. Thus, it is a good idea to assess any problem areas and address them well before the roofing crew arrives.