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The Ups And Downs: 3 Ways To Keep Your Garage Door Working Properly

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You probably open and close your garage door several times a day. The last thing you want is for it to malfunction. A malfunctioning garage door can do more than make it difficult to get in and out of your garage. It can also lead to serious accidents and injuries. Here are three ways to avoid injuries and keep your garage door functioning properly.

Replace the springs

If you have an older door that's operated by torsion springs, you'll need to test the springs. A wood garage door can weigh up to about 360 lbs, depending on the construction. Torsion springs make it easier to lift those heavy garage doors by expanding and tightening. Unfortunately, when springs break, the garage door can come crashing down on top of you.

If your garage door isn't opening smoothly, or the springs are squeaking, try applying a generous coating of spray lubricant to the springs. If the problem persists, you should have both springs replaced as soon as possible.

Inspect the Cables

If your garage door operates on a track system, there are cables attached to the frame. Those cables help the door move smoothly. They also prevent the door from slamming shut when it malfunctions. You should inspect those cables at least once a year. Look for signs of damage, including fraying or cracking. If you see signs of damage during your inspection, you should stop using your garage door until you can have the cables replaced.

Don't Reuse Old Tracks

If you've going to have your garage door replaced, you might be tempted to reuse the old tracks. This is particularly true if they look like they're still in good shape. There are a couple of reasons why you should have new tracks installed along with your new door. First, the old tracks may not fit properly with your new door. This could cause your door to malfunction, which could lead to injuries – especially if your door jumps the tracks. Second, if your door has worn out, chances are that your tracks have too. Even if you can't see any visible problems, your old tracks could be weakened from years of use.

You depend on your garage door. The tips provided here will help you keep your garage door functioning properly. If you have additional problems with your garage door, you should contact a professional repair technician. They'll help you identify the problem and get your door back to working order.

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