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Four Solutions You May Need To Have Done For Your Septic System Problems

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Septic system problems can be a major headache that lead to plumbing problems in your home. Determining the cause of a problem and the solution to fix it can sometimes be a difficult task. The problem may be with the plumbing in your home, the tank or the lines going to and from the tank. If you are having septic system troubles, here are some of the problems and solutions that may help you solve the issue:

1. Clogged Septic Line Backing Up Into Your Plumbing System

The plumbing in your home can cause problems with your septic system. There is a system of pipes going from your home, to the tank and out to the drain field. This includes a line that goes to the tank from your home. Sometimes, solids and clogs from your home can stop up these lines. This is a simple fix that a plumber can do for you by clearing the clogged lines.

2. Full Tank And Clogged Screen Going To The Drain Field Of Your System

A septic tank contains lines that go from the tank to the drain field. The drain lines also have screens to prevent solids from getting into the drainage system. If you tank becomes too full, solids can get to the screen and clog the system. To repair this problem, you will need to have the tank pumped to locate the problem and the screen cleaned.

3. Soggy Lawn And Drain Field Problems Causing Issues With Your Septic System

Even though many septic systems have a screen to protect the drain field, solids can still get in the system and cause problems. The old lines of septic systems can sometimes fail too. If you have a soggy lawn near your septic system, this is a sign that there is a problem with your drain field. This problem may be fixed by clearing the lines, but it may also need to be replaced.

4. Replacing An Old Drain Field That Has Become Plugged And Over Saturated

Septic systems filter waste through the ground. This causes bacteria to be produced, which eventually there can be too much. If you have a really old system, an over saturated drain field may need to be replaced and moved to a new area to improve drainage. When you have this done, the old drain field can be reused when the new one has the same problem.

These are some solutions that may be done to solve your septic system problems. If you are having trouble with your plumbing or septic system, contact a drain cleaning service to discover more about how to clear the minor problems before they damage your septic system.