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How To Paint Your Home Exterior

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An exterior residential painting job is something that most homeowners choose to do in the life span of a home. Doing this job yourself will save you a lot of money and you'll be thrilled that you made such a massive contribution to your own home. There are some basic tools required to complete this job, but because residential exteriors tend to be large surfaces, it is recommended to set aside a full day to get the project done.

To complete this job, you'll need to have a paint roller, a paintbrush, and a paint tray handy, as well as an extendable ladder (the lighter the better), a pressure washer and enough paint for two layers. Be sure to purchase a paint that is suitable for painting residential exteriors. Invest in a good paint and it will last for many years on your exterior. 

Clean the house and repair any cracks

The first step is to clean the outside of the house. Use your pressure washer to coat the entire surface of your home with pressurized water and remove any dirt or grime from the exterior. Leave it to rest for ten minutes and wash it again, starting from the top and move your way to the bottom of the home. Leave the home to dry.

While your home is drying, look for any cracks that may need repairing. If there are any present then you'll need to fill them in using a crack filler and smooth them over using a trowel. The cracks will dry quickly so you can start to mix your paint.

Painting the house

You'll need to mix the paint thoroughly to make sure all of the paint's resins and particles are distributed evenly. Start doing the edges of any windows or borders with your paintbrush. If you have any lights attached to your wall, then you may want to remove these so to avoid getting paint on them. It's also recommended to lay down some tarps on the floor to catch any drips or falling paint. 

When your edges are done, use your roller to cover the body of the exterior. For a useful tip, you can apply a regular household broom handle to the roller to help with the hard to reach places. Apply two coats of paint and leave a little leftover paint to do any small touch up jobs. This will give your home a brand new feel that you can be proud of. Allow the paint to thoroughly dry and replace any lights that you may have removed. 

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