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3 Perks Of PVC Fences

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Adding a fence to your back yard is a great way to make your property a little safer and more useable. If you children love playing and practicing sports, a fence can prove to be very useful. Likewise, it you have pets that always want to take you for a chase, a fence will allow them to spend more time outside. If you want to install a basic fence on your property, you should consider PVC. It is a great material for privacy fences. Here are 3 reasons you will love having a PVC fence.

PVC is Waterproof

An exterior fence, especially if it is on a grass lawn, will get wet all the time. Rain, dew and sprinkler overspray are bound to soak your fence on a nearly daily basis. This is why you should avoid materials like wood or metal. These materials are easily damaged by water. Wet fences made from wood and metal can deteriorate and loose their structural integrity if they are constantly getting moist. PVC fences have a powder coat finish that is impermeable. Water won't effect your fiberglass fence at all. In fact, a nice rain can help clean your fence.

PVC is Easy to Keep Up

While wooden fences need to be repainted every few years to keep their color, you never need to repaint PVC. PVC fences don't need to be painted or sealed at all. The coat is fade resistant so the sheen and color will stay true over the years. To maintain the original color and sheen, you just need to clean your fences. Cleaning PVC is easy… just wash away the dirt with your hose. If there are parts where dirt is stuck to the fence, you can just wipe it away with a sponge soaked in surface cleaner. Don't use a powerful degreaser on your PVC, because it could diminish the sheen.

Fiberglass is Stylish

When you think of PVC fences, you probably imagine a white, shiny fence. While this is one of the most popular options, there is actually a wide variety of fence colors and finishes to choose from. PVC fences with wood textures and printed grain look like the genuine article, but without all the intense maintenance. These are more expensive, but could look great if your home also has an exposed wood exterior.

Adding a PVC fence is a great addition to any property. It can frame your home and make it look more put together. At the same time, it will make your yard much more enjoyable.

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