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Basement Leaking? Three Consequences Of Not Addressing The Issue Quickly

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If you notice that your basement is leaking water, you need to act right away. If you leave the water in your basement, and wait until you have time to clean it up, it can have serious consequences. Here are the top three consequences of not addressing a basement leak quickly.

The Humidity Level In Your Basement Will Increase

One of the first things that will happen is the humidity levels in your basement will increase. As the water that is leaking in your basement evaporates, the water will turn to humidity in your basement. It will make the air in your basement moister.

If you have a dehumidifier set-up in your house, it will be able to absorb the extra moisture. Your HVAC system may also be able to absorb the moisture from your basement. Absorbing all the extra moisture will tax your system though.

If you don't have a humidifier system or HVAC system set up to absorb moisture, the extra moisture from the leak will cause your basement to feel damp and dank and will create the ideal environment for mold to grow and thrive. 

Mold Will Quickly Grow

One of the biggest consequences of letting moisture sit in your basement is that any mold spores that may be hanging out in your basement will finally have the perfect conditions to thrive and grow. Mold spores are generally invisible to the naked eye and lurk pretty much everywhere.

Once the conditions are right, the mold spores in your basement will quickly grow and spread. Mold can spread and cause damage to all the surfaces in your basement from your floors to your wall to your ceiling. Mold can not only destroy the surfaces in your basement, it can also cause health issues as well.

Your Foundation Could Be Compromised

Finally, a leak left unchecked in your basement can quickly lead to foundation problems. As the water sites there and soaks into your basement, it can compromise the integrity of your foundation. As the water soaks into your foundation, it will cause the ground around it to swell and expand. Later, when the water leaks stops, the ground around your foundation will dry out and shrink. This movement can cause your foundation to develop cracks. 

If you find water in your basement, you should not let it sit there. Letting water sit in your basement can cause your basement to smell dank and can lead to mold and foundation issues. You can avoid these issues by quickly cleaning and addressing any leaks in your basement yourself, or hiring a contractor ( such as RAC Construction Company) to help you.