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3 Tips To Keep Your Pool Safe From Alligators

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Authorities estimate that 5 million alligators are spread throughout the Southeastern United States. If you live in an area where alligators are a constant threat, it's important that you take the time to learn how to keep these reptiles out of your pool. Constructing a pool enclosure that will ward off alligators allows you to safely swim with your family.

Here are three tips that can help secure your pool against alligator invasions in the future.

1. Install a privacy fence.

Keeping your pool area fenced in is essential if you want to prevent alligators from gaining entry. An adult alligator can bite down with 2,960 pounds of force, so you must ensure that your fence is constructed from materials that can withstand an alligator attack. Some durable options include stainless steel or concrete.

In addition to ensuring your fence is made from sturdy materials, you should consider making the fence a privacy fence. These types of fences prevent alligators from seeing what lies inside of your pool enclosure, removing the temptation for them to try and gain entry to take a dip in the cool waters of your swimming pool.

2. Make sure your pool has a cover.

As you design your pool enclosure, be sure that you include a pool cover in your plans. Keeping the cover on your swimming pool when it is not in use can be a great way to deter alligators. Since alligators are reptiles, they don't have the ability to regulate their own body temperature. As the air temperature begins to rise, they seek out cool water to lie in as a way of preventing overheating.

Swimming pools provide the perfect place for alligators to escape the hot sun, but keeping a cover on your pool will prevent the alligator from using your pool's water as air conditioning. Any alligators that wander into your pool enclosure will soon relocate in search of water when a pool cover prevents them from swimming.

3. Install pool lights.

In order to ensure that an alligator isn't lurking in the depths of your swimming pool, it's important that you have properly lighting to survey the pool. Installing lighting in your pool enclosure can be a great way to prevent tragedy.

Be sure that you include lights not only above ground, but along the interior of your pool as well. LED or fiber optic lights make convenient additions to any pool enclosure, and they will help you keep your family safe from alligators in the future.

Having access to a swimming pool can be a great way to cool off and relax, but sharing your pool with alligators isn't desirable. Be sure that you include fencing, a pool cover, and lighting in the design of your pool enclosure to deter alligators in the future. To get an enclosure installed, contact local contractors, such as Lightning Custom Screens Inc.