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Four Benefits Of Installing A Walk In Tub For An Aging Parent

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If your parent is aging but still living at home, they might slowly become more immobile over time. If bathing has become an issue, the benefits of a walk in tub might be just what your parent needs. Here are four reasons installing a walk in tub would be a good investment for your parent.

1. Give Your Parent Autonomy

Even if your parent is just down the hall, they don't want to have to ask for help every time they need to bathe. They might feel silly asking for help with simple bathroom functions they have done routinely their entire life. If your parent's doctor recommends accommodations such as a walk in tub, you might have to make the call on installation rather than depending on your parent to do it.

2. Help Decrease Accidents

If your parent has limited mobility or has bad hips and joints, don't let them play with fire every time they step into the tub. Whether they are still independently living by themselves or living under your roof, this will give them a bit of their pride back without putting them in danger. Don't wait until an accident happens to start thinking about your parent's safety. Be proactive and install proper bathroom assistance tools such as a walk in tub and hand rails.

3. Increased Water Therapy Benefits

If your elderly parent has been relegated to standing up in the shower rather than stepping into a tub, they might be missing out on the healing benefits of a good soak. Warm baths can soothe your parent's aching joints and help them de-stress. If they can't even access a tub, they might be missing out on holistic benefits.

4. A Walk In Tub is a Good Investment

If your parent is in an independent living community or living in an in-law situation in your home, installing a walk in tub can help the property value of the home. By providing a useful bathroom fixture in a home, a walk in tub is a win-win. Your parent can take advantage of the benefits and can be a selling point in the future.

Both safety and comfort need to be addressed when making accommodations for an aging parent. You might have to be the one to address your parent's mobility issues before they do. One way to help is with a walk in tub. Once your parent can enjoy the benefits of a walk in tub firsthand, they will appreciate the bathroom upgrade. For more information, contact a professional like Carefree Walk In Tubs.