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3 Factors That Influence The Cost Of Sewer Line Replacement

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Do you have a serious problem in your sewer line? Do you think you need your sewer line replaced? There are some situations in which your line can be repaired without requiring replacement. However, if the line has been seriously compromised with something like a pipe collapse or a tree root penetration, that section of the line will probably need to be dug up and replaced. That can require excavation. There are a few factors, though, that can affect just how complex the excavation is. Take a walk around your yard and check out the items below to get an idea of how big the project may be.

The location of the main sewer line. If you have to replace the entire line, then much of the cost will depend on how much distance the line covers. Look for the closest manhole cover to determine where the main line is located. If the manhole cover is on your side of the street, then that probably means that you'll only need to dig up a portion of your yard.

However, if the manhole cover is in the middle of the street or on the other side of the road, then you may need to excavate your yard plus some of the street. That could require governmental permits and you may have to pay for that portion of the street to be repaved.

The location of your house trap. Your house trap is an important component in your sewage system, as it prevents gasses and other dangerous elements from coming up the sewer line and into your home. If you're having your entire sewer line replaced, your contractor will probably replace from the main line up to the house trap. In some homes, the trap is in the basement, which means that you'll have to excavate all the way up to your house. However, you may see a trap located in your front yard. If that's the case, then you may only have to excavate up to the trap.

Obstructions in your yard. Other possible complications include things that may get in the way of excavation. That could include things like tree roots, gas or electrical lines, and even sidewalks or driveways. All of those things may make for a more complicated excavation and a more complex cleanup once the sewer line is replaced. You may need to remove a tree completely or have a sidewalk repaved. Your excavation team may also have to work more carefully and slowly if there are gas or electrical lines nearby.

To get a detailed estimate, contact a sewer line replacement company like Drain-O-Rooter in your area. They can suggest the most cost-effective way to get the job done.