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How To Maintain Your Hardwood Floors

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Have you invested a lot of money in your home's flooring? If so, then you may have concerns about the quality of your floors appearance after a few years. Over time, hardwood floors can fade, become scratched, and receive many cosmetic damages. To ensure your investment doesn't depreciate in value and that your home continues to look great, you will want to care for your hardwood floors often. Caring for your floors can be very affordable, easy, and time friendly, which is why you may want to consider maintaining your floors by:

Preventing Direct Sunlight on Your Floors:

UV lighting can cause some serious harm to your hardwood floors, as the lighting can fade the color, which you won't be able to restore. So, if your floors are exposed to direct sunlight, you may want to consider applying curtains or tint the windows in those regions where your floors are exposed, as this will help keep your floors in their original color. This will help your floors maintain a new look, which will make your home more presentable. 

Adding Padded Felt To Furniture Items:

Heavy furniture items like an entertainment center, couch, or bookcase can easily create scratches to your floors, especially if you enjoy decorating your home often by rearranging furniture. If you want to take precautionary measure, you will want to add padded felt onto the bottom of your furniture pieces. This will prevent scratching when sliding furniture around, which will help keep your floors out of the way of major scratches. 

Refinishing your Floors Every Few Years:

Refinishing your floors after a few years is a great option, as this allows you to restore your floors back into its original condition. When refinishing your floors, you will be sanding down the surface of the floors, which will help remove any dings, scratches, and damages cause by past accidents. Once the surface has been sanded, you will apply a finish to your floors, which will give your floors a glossy and presentable appearance. This is a great way to keep your floors in top condition, so you will definitely want to consider this option every few years. 

With this tips, you will be able to see a much longer and greater return on your investment, as your new floors will maintain their value and keep their beautiful finish. So, rather than worry about having to replace your floors shortly after your purchase, be sure that you take the time to care and maintenance your floors regularly, as this will help keep your floors in top condition.