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Perfectly Good Reasons For Not Calling An Electrician

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Your family is constantly complaining about the poor electrical system in your older home. If you are running out of reasons why you shouldn't hire a residential electrician to upgrade your home, here are a few gems that you might try for individual complaints.

Problem: Insufficient lighting.

Some older homes don't have overhead room lights, so the occupants must rely on lamps. This leads to spotty lighting and difficulties for those with poor eyesight.

Solution: Explain that lamps provide a warm ambiance that soften the look of a room in a way that harsh overhead lights could never achieve. Fluorescent lights in particular have been shown to cause headaches and eye strain because of their constant flickering.

Problem: Inadequate number of room outlets.

Older homes were built when households had very few electrical appliances, so outlets were often limited to one (or none) per room. This can cause issues as family members compete for available outlet time to charge their personal electronics.

Solution: Forced rationing of available outlets allows family bonds to strengthen as members learn to share limited resources. It enables children to experience how life is lived in third world countries. Limited access to chargers also forces children to tear their eyes away from smartphones and video screens and engage in more healthy physical activity. This has an added bonus of combating childhood obesity, which is reaching epidemic proportions in the US.

Problem: Overloading of circuits.

Appliances such as hair dryers and air conditioners will often trip a circuit breaker or blow a fuse because of their high power consumption. They need a dedicated circuit that can handle their power use.

Solution: A tripped circuit breaker or blown fuse means too much power is being used. Over time, the increase in the power bill caused by using too much power can be substantial. Using extra power is also bad for the environment,because power plants are major polluters. If household members care about Mother Earth, they will cut their use of power hungry appliances.

When an inevitable family rebellion occurs, you can always call a residential electrician like Skyline Electric Inc. They can add outlets to existing lines with little difficulty. Adding overhead lights or installing extra circuit lines can be a little more invasive, requiring access to walls and ceilings. An experienced electrician will do their best to keep costs and inconvenience to a minimum. Resign yourself to the fact that you need to upgrade your home electrical system or you may be sitting alone in a semi-lit house.