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Getting Your Air Conditioner Ready For Summer

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When it comes to getting your air conditioner ready for summer, you want to make sure that you've prepared before the hot weather sets in. The last thing you want to do is go to cool your home on the first hot day and find that your air conditioner does not work. But when your unit sits idle for months it collects all sorts of debris and it could use a bit of maintenance before it's ready to be up and running. So consider the following tips when spring rolls around so you can ensure your air conditioner is ready to go on the first hot summer day. 

Clean or Replace Filters

One of the biggest culprit's to your air conditioner not running efficiently is a clogged filter. If your filter is clogged the air flow is restricted and it will reduce the overall efficiency of your air conditioner, not to mention it will recirculate the dust inside your home. So check and clean or replace your filters as needed. 

Clean the Condenser 

Your central air conditioner's condenser is usually located outdoors, and the winter months can do a number on it. Hopefully, you've covered the unit up to avoid build-up of debris inside, but if you have not, you'll likely find a build-up of leaves and other yard debris inside. Be sure to clean it thoroughly before you run the unit. 

Clean the Compressor Unit

Just like the condenser, dirt and debris will build up inside after sitting for a long period of time. When something is obstructing the compressor unit, it will minimize the flow of air and will drastically cut down on the efficiency of the condenser unit, so you'll need to clean the until at the beginning of each cooling season. 

Check the Coolant Lines

The pipes or tubes that run from the unit's evaporator on the air conditioner's air handler to the condenser unit outside are covered with a insulation that help protect them from losing energy. However, you may see areas where the insulation is fraying or completely missing, and if so you need to replace it. You can check with a home improvement store for the insulation sleeves, or you can call an air conditioning repair specialist to take care of the job for you. If you don't make the necessary replacement when needed, you may find your air conditioner having to work a little harder and use a bit more energy.