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Five Tips To Help You With The Maintenance And Repairs To Your Cedar Fencing

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Cedar fencing can be a great addition to your home. Cedar is a wood that is resistant to decaying and looks great. It is also a material that will need some maintenance and repairs to keep it looking good. You will need to do things like clean the fence, seal it and repair an occasional broken piece of cedar. If you want to be able to keep your cedar fencing looking like the first day it was installed, here are five tips that will help you with the maintenance and upkeep:

1. Occasional Cleaning Of Your Fence

If you want to make your fence last a long time, it is a good idea to keep it clean. You can do this by hosing it off with a garden hose when it gets dirty. Also, to help prevent it from getting dirty, you may want to install a ground cover along the edge of the fence, such as bark, shrubs or rocks. This will help to prevent dirt and debris from splashing on the fence when it rains, and help to keep your fence clean.

2. Pressure Washing To Remove Stains

Eventually, your cedar fence may fade or become stained with mildew. To give the fence a deep cleaning, you can use a pressure washer to get all the stains off of the fence. This is a good to help keep your fence clean between staining, and will help reduce rot and wear on your fence. Pressure washing will remove all the dirt that gets deep inside the grains of the wood and help prevent fungus like mildew and moss from growing on your fence.

3. Regular Staining And Sealing Of Cedar

Staining and sealing the wood regularly will also help to protect your cedar fence. Before you stain your fence, you may want to clean it really well with a pressure washer. This will remove all the debris before you paint the fence with the sealant. You should stain the fence often to ensure that the wood is protected from water and UV rays from sunlight. Staining will help protect the fence and reduce fading of the cedar.

4. Saving Materials For Repairs To Match Original Lumber

When you have a cedar fence installed, it is a good idea to buy extra wood for small repairs. This is because it will be easier to find the style, materials for your fence. It will also ensure that the colors of the wood match when you do repairs, and any repairs that you have to do will not be as noticeable. You do not need to have a lot of extra materials, but you may want to have at least enough for one small section of fence with pickets, posts and other features you have on your fence.

5. Replacing And Repairing Cedar Boards

If you have saved materials for repairs, doing small repairs will be much easier. You will just need to remove the old board that needs to be replaced and add a new one. If you have to replace things like posts, you may want to have the help of a professional fencing service. They will replace the old post without damaging the existing fence, which can sometimes be a difficult job to do.

These are some things that you will need to do to care for your cedar fence. If you need help with major repairs and maintenance, contact a cedar fencing contractor who will provide you with the services you need for your fence.