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4 Ways To Keep The Mess Under Control At Your Outdoor Party

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Whether you're hosting a cozy bonfire or another type of outdoor party, one thing that you might be worried about is keeping control of the mess. No one likes to spend hours cleaning up after an otherwise fun party, and you might be worried about your yard getting trashed while everyone is enjoying the festivities. Luckily, however, following these four tips can help you keep the mess under control at your upcoming outdoor party.

1. Use Disposables

Use disposable products to your advantage to keep the mess under control. Not only is it a good idea to use disposable plates and cups, but you can even spread disposable tablecloths on your dining and serving tables. Then, when the party is over, you can wrap the entire mess up into the tablecloths and throw everything away in one swoop.

2. Place Trash Cans Strategically

Go ahead and set up some large trash cans all around your yard. It's a good idea to have twice as many trash cans as you think you need; then, you won't have to worry as much about people sitting things down or dropping them on the ground. If you don't have enough trash cans on hand, consider asking your friends and neighbors if you can borrow a few. If your party is going to be exceptionally large, it can even be a smart idea to rent a dumpster for the weekend to make the disposal of garbage a whole lot easier.

3. Keep a Water Hose Nearby

It's important to get rid of sticky or sweet spills and messes as soon as possible. Otherwise, they can attract pests or get stuck on shoes and drug throughout the rest of your yard. Keep a water hose near the action, and use it to quickly and easy spray away these messes as soon as they happen. Then, you can continue partying without having to worry about a big mess.

4. Look Into a Portable Restroom Rental

Try to keep the party outdoors; otherwise, the mess will inevitably track its way through your home as well. For example, consider looking into a portable restroom rental. Then, you won't have to worry about people walking in and out of your house to use the bathroom.


Keeping the mess under control is a good way to ensure that you enjoy your own outdoor party. Follow these four tips, and clean-up should be a breeze next time that you entertain.