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Unfreeze The Pipes That Lead To Your Pump House

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If the pipes that lead to your pump house have frozen, you will be without running water inside of your home. You can take a few steps to thaw these pipes out so that your plumbing works the proper way. You can also take some preventative measures so that the pipes don't freeze again. Read below to learn what steps to take. 

Use These Materials

  • water
  • ​heat lamps
  • electrical source
  • thermal insulation
  • thermal tape
  • scissors
  • ruler
  • weatherstripping
  • towel

Begin The Thawing Process

Heat up a pot of water on your stove and pour it directly onto the frozen pipes. It doesn't have to be scorching hot in order to be effective. As long as it is moderately hot, it will assist with breaking up the ice that has formed. To speed up the process, do this two or three times. Once finished, dry off the pipes with a towel. Wrap all of the exposed plumbing with thermal insulation.

Measure pieces of the insulation and cut them so that they will completely cover the pipes. Seal the edges with thermal tape so that the pipes stay insulated. Plug in a heat lamp and aim it at the portions that have become frozen. After several hours, your pipes may be back in operating order.

Prevent Future Problems

It is important that you protect the pipes and the equipment inside of the pump house so that freezing does not occur again. Place weatherstripping on the sides of the door so that gaps are not present. You can purchase self-adhesive weatherstripping to make this step simple to complete. Simply, line up the weatherstripping on each side of the door. Peel off the backing and press the material firmly onto the door. When you shut the door, you should notice that no gaps are present.

Maintain The Measures You Have Taken

Check the condition of the thermal insulation regularly. If the insulation becomes cracked or torn, replace it. Replace strips of thermal tape as needed. Always remember to turn on a heat lamp on nights that it is predicted to be cold outside. Although you may think that this is a waste of energy, you will hardly notice an increase in your energy bill. It is a wise idea to use one heat lamp to keep the pipes warm and one to keep the water pump warm. By doing so, you will have a less likely chance of experiencing frozen water lines. Contact plumbing services if you have any questions.