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How To Make Parking Lot Repairs

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If you are a small business owner that has a parking lot on your property, you will need to make routine checks of your lot to make sure that there are not areas that need repair. Maintaining your parking lot will keep your customers safe. Here are some instructions that you can use in making your own parking lot repairs.

Do An Evaluation

Walk around the entire parking lot and make note of areas that you will need to fix. This should be done a few times a year to make sure that you are aware of any problems that may have arisen during the summer or winter months. The winter can cause areas of asphalt to expand and contract, causing cracking. The summertime may be busier with customers using your parking lot, putting wear and tear on the surface. Write down the areas that need fixing so that you can purchase the materials needed to make the repairs.

Filling In Holes And Cracks

Asphalt repair is a fairly easy fix that you can do yourself. For smaller cracks, simply use rubberized asphalt filler to repair. Place the tube in a caulk gun and insert the nozzle as far as you can into the crack. Squeeze the contents into the crack until it is completely filled. Use a putty knife to spread the excess over the surface, flattening it into place.

For small holes, you will need to fill the hole with some crushed gravel before using the rubberized asphalt filler. Poke the gravel with the end of a broom to compact it deep into the hole. Add another layer of gravel and compact once again. You can then place the asphalt filler on top of the gravel and smooth into place with the putty knife.

Parking Bumpers

If you have parking bumpers that need to be replaced,, you can make new ones using a mold made from wood. Pour ready to mix concrete into the mold and allow to cure for a few days before removing from the mold. Place these in the areas that need them and paint them with a brightly colored paint so they can be easily seen when driving through the parking lot. 

Parking Lines

Make sure all of your parking lines are easily seen. If they have faded from inclement weather, you should paint on new ones using a fresh coating of paint. Paint in a bright color so there is no misunderstanding as to where the lines are located in the lot.

As you can see, parking lot repair can be hard and tedious work. Luckily, you can always call a company, like Hals Construction, to make the needed repairs for you.