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Commercial Automatic Doors

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Automatic doors have added convenience to your technologically savvy world. These conveniences free up time and energy to do more important things or even just to find more time to relax. Now companies are adding greater beauty and efficiency to these conveniences. Automatic doors, from companies like Allied Door Controls and Glass Inc, are no exception.

Great Beauty

Some may argue that there is not much to be done in the way of beauty when it comes to metal doors. However, any designer can tell you that there are better ways. Here are a few things companies can do to enhance their automatic doors:

  1. Choose the right type of metal, whether shiny, dark, or ornate.
  2. Color or tint the windows within the door frame
  3. Add a curvature to the doorway

Greater Efficiency

Automatic doors add greater efficiency to the day to day business of life. Sometimes companies can aid in this by placing directional signs on windows for the use of customers. This directs customers going in and out and also decreases confusion. This is especially true during times of large crowds. Automatic doors also makes it easier to enter a store if your hands are full, if you are pushing a cart, or if you have a disability. Thankfully, we live in a world where conveniences are everywhere, making our life easier.


Individuals who are in wheelchairs, are currently on crutches, or have any other short-term or long-term disability find greater ease in using automatic doors. There is less or no hassle trying to get in and out of the desired store or area. It is especially important for such entities as hospitals and care centers to invest in automatic doors. These are places where there is a higher proportion of individuals with such needs. Therefore, it is expected these days. If only for the sake of the disabled, it is important to at least get a door that automatically opens just on hinges in order to create greater ease and convenience.

So why don't all stores and other commercial entities have automatic doors? There are a few reasons. First of all, if you have noticed, these types of doors take up a wider space and not all areas can accommodate for this. Also, automatic doors cost much more than a typical outside door with hinges that you manually open. Not all stores and commercial areas are required to have automatic doors and may not see a pressing need to do so.